JACK’s Inside Track: Whitesnake

I know David Coverdale’s grateful for Deep Purple puttin’ him on the map all those years ago, but this is ridiculous…

104.1 JACK-FM–03/09/2015


JACK’s Inside Track: Vivian Campbell

I once shared a table with Vivian at a New Year’s Eve wedding in L.A. for a member of Great White, where my drunken buddy proceeded to hit on the guitarist’s wife in plain view of him.

104.1 JACK-FM–06/18/2013

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10 Rock Ballad Love Songs From The ’80s

If there was ever a time for epic power ballads, the ’80s was that time. Just naming ten of them does not a definitive list make, but we’re JACK FM and we’re lazy.



Jimmy Page: The Post-Zeppelin Years

In bookstores now is Light and Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page. While much of the book, understandably, focuses on Led Zeppelin, the book also features interviews with Page promoting his projects from the past few decades, including his collaborations with Whitesnake’s David Coverdale (in Coverdale/Page), Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers (in The Firm) and Robert Plant.


photo credit: Carl Dunn

Jimmy Page On The Violin Bow: “Whatever Squeaks I Made Sort Of Intrigued Me”

Page used the bow on a few Yardbirds songs: “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor” and “Glimpses” from their 1967 album, “Little Games,” and then on Led Zeppelin’s 1969 self-titled debut (“Dazed And Confused” and “How Many More Times”). But he wasn’t the first British rock guitarist to take the bow to his axe.


JACK’s Inside Track: Whitesnake

So really, who’s ever seen a white snake??? Seems pretty improbable… well maybe there HAS to be one,  right?


JACK’s Inside Track: Whitesnake

Remy dishes up another hot serving of the inside track… this time Whitesnake… kinda nice he can double up with cleaning duties


Whitesnake To Bottle And Sell Their Own Wine

[lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] has announced plans to produce and sell their own brand of wine. A statement from frontman [lastfm]David Coverdale[/lastfm] revealed that the new wine will be called Whitesanke Zinfandel.


Lineup Change For Whitesnake

Two members of [lastfm]Whitesnake[/lastfm] have reportedly called it quits. A press release reveals that bassist [lastfm]Uriah Duffy[/lastfm] and drummer [lastfm]Chris Frazier[/lastfm] have left the venerable group, known for their 1980s hits “Is This Love?” and […]