We are what we eat

Slamming, jamming, and Ramming all the words of wisdom one can take… not necessarily in that order


Wouldn’t open it tho

Scanning the land for food??? Try some words of wisdom, one size fits all


From the bottom of our heart… We should be sorry

Did you ever think you’d see the day where words of wisdom and JACK FM would coincide and create JACKism’s??? Yeah… neither did we, but it’s been a while now so, you should try and […]


That’s not the half of it

So we were hanging these words of wisdom up for you to admire… but we realized they are better when you hear them…


Unfortunatly not in Mount Doom

Lounging around soaking in the rays of these words of wisdom… and no there isn’t any words of wisdom block yet


Just like in childhood

We’ve got you eating these words of wisdom out of the palm of our hand


I wouldn’t eat that

So we keeping giving you words of wisdom, and for some reason you keep taking them… so… here, take some more


First and last name

Just like the old days… sitting around the picnic table, share our words of wisdom… then having a food fight


It pays to kung-fu

We hope you enjoy these hardly thought word of wisdom


We got this

Yeah we’re just a surprised as you are… We knew dogs we’re good at poker, but who knew they would be good a Birthdays?




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