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Are Women Drivers Are More Rude Than Men?

A recent study by Insurance.com found the US women are ruder than their male counterparts.


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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman, By Jack FM

There are certain things you should never say to a woman, especially if you value your life. No matter the intention or how close you are to a woman, there are just some things you should never say.


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Why Do Women Eat Healthier Than Men?

Men are less likely than women to eat their vegetables. And it seems science might have the answer. A new study published last month in the research journal Appetite reports that men don’t believe fruit […]


Ask Jack 3/25/10

Q: Hey, Jack!  I’ve been seeing this guy for a while, and I’m just having a really tough time reading him.  It’s like some days I think he really likes me, and other days I […]